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Ну и кто сказал, что в Интернете все есть? Захотелось мне в комменте процитировать «Жалобы птиц» безумного Джона Клера — фига с два я чего нашел. Точнее, нашел текст сокращенный и искаженный (к несчастью, это стихотворение положили на музыку).

Стоило бы выложить ради укрепления связности, только вот где, не в ru_lyrics же, это ведь не ru. Да и текста у меня под рукой нету.

Edit. roving_wiretrap отыскал-таки:

Для вышеупомянутого повышения связности под катом скопирую.

Oh, says the linnet, if I sing,
My love forsook me in the spring,
And nevermore will I be seen
Without my satin gown of green.

Oh, says the pretty-feathered jay,
Now my love is fled away
For the memory of my dear
A feather of each sort I'll wear.

Oh, says the sparrow, my love is gone,
She so much that I doted on,
And e'er since for that selfsame thing
I've made a vow I ne'er will sing.

Oh, says the water-wag-my-tail,
I courted a fair one but could not prevail,
I could not with my love prevail,
So that is the reason I wag my tail.

Oh, says the pretty speckled thrush,
That changes its note from bush to bush,
My love has left me here alone
And I fear she never will return.

Oh, says the rook, and eke the crow,
The reason why in black we go--
Because our love has us forsook,
So pity us, poor crow and rook.

Oh, says the owl, my love is gone,
It was her I doted on;
Since she has gone I know not where to follow,
But after her I'll whoop and hollo.
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